Integrating Ancient Healing Methods for the Modern World


CranioSacral Therapy: An Introduction

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) works with the fluid systems of the body, as well as the bones of the cranium (head), spine, and coccyx (tailbone) and all of the associated dural, meningeal, and fascial components (tissues) of the brain, spinal cord and throughout the body. 

Do you feel a deep desire to let go of the past and become whole?
• Do you have a "Mystery Illness"- unexplainable, chronic issues that do not show up on lab tests, or are told that "nothing is wrong with you"?
• Have you gone to countless other healers and physicians and still are struggling with  functioning in your daily life?
• Are you ready to try a new, gentle way of healing?

Are you dealing with issues like:
• Chronic Pain
• Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue
• Depression, PTSD, Trauma, and Emotional Health 
• Migraines, Headaches, or TMJ
• Internal Medical complaints such as Endocrine, Hormonal, Digestive, or Gynecological Issues

Just imagine how your life can transform if you are able to understand and clear whatever is holding you back in life… 
• You can become more functional and accomplish more in your daily life
• You can quit repeating the same patterns of dysfunction again and again
• You can attract new experiences, people, and opportunities into your life
• You can come to a place of understanding about your life and experiences rather than reaction to it

As an Acupuncturist, CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Spiritual and Shamanic Healer, Zero Balancer, Meditation Teacher, Herbalist, and Manual Therapist with thousands of hours of training and a practice spanning more than 13 years I am uniquely able to assist people to transform their lives integrating advanced ancient healing methods.  

How do you take the first steps towards working with me?

Check out About to see more about me as well as my training. If you are ready, you can always Contact Me to learn about my services. I offer services locally to Gilbert, Arizona as well as the surrounding towns of Higley, Queen Creek, Chandler, Mesa, and Phoenix. I also have patients from across the world who utilize my Distance Healing services. 

 I have been going to healers for over thirty years and Mary is one of the best. She 
has a profound ability to "see" and seamlessly brought acupuncture and energy work together with talking to my body to find out what it wanted. It was an incredible, powerful experience. I only wish I lived in the area so I could come back. Mina S.

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