CranioSacral Therapy and Energy Work in Gilbert, Az

In my practice I assess and work with all aspects of you- mind, body, spirit- along with your unique personal emotional history. 

All of my sessions are based in CranioSacral Therapy or Spiritual/Energetic Healing. 

Your session may also integrate other modalities such as Acupuncture, Visceral Manipulation, Zero Balancing, Shamanic Healing Reiki and Energy Work, Lymphatic Drainage, Chikly’s Brain Work, Cupping, and more... 

My training at an advanced level in all of the modalities that I practice
gives me the unique ability to assess and work with you to specifically target the cause of your disease or imbalance in a gentle, holistic manner.

I specialize in working with cases that have not found relief by traditional or other holistic methods
, such as headaches and migraines, chronic pain, emotional health and trauma, and digestive and gynecological issues/imbalances. Many patients who find me have gone through a huge range of western allopathic providers (MD’s), chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other holistic providers with little to no relief.

You can find more about what a session is like here, read about my specialization in trauma and emotional health here, my specialization in treating migraines and headaches here, or read about my path and studies here. My practice is located in a quiet, home office in Gilbert, Arizona. If you would like to book a session or have any questions about my services, you are welcome to contact me.

If you are looking for distance services via Skype or phone, please visit my other site

******* Please note that I no longer work with children age sixteen and younger************

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